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The National Forum of PLHIV of Kyrgyzstan

The National Forum of People Living with HIV KR was held in November 24-25, 2015 in Bishkek  "HIV is a medicine! No time! Put our right to life in the budget!".

The purpose of the event is to ensure the sustainability of services for the prevention, treatment, care and support of people living with HIV. Among the participants of the forum: people living with HIV, their close associates, staff of organizations providing services to PLHIV, only 105 people.

Participants got acquainted with the epidemiological situation of HIV in Kyrgyzstan, the state HIV program. Problems of financing treatment and prevention programs, a scheme for switching to public procurement of medicines for PLHIV, registration of ARV drugs, ensuring access to treatment were discussed.

AIDS-service organizations "Clear", "Crick Crane", "Plus Center", "Antistigma", "Matrix", "Ishenim Nuru", "Araket Plus", "Step Towards", "Revelation", Association "Unity of PLHIV" And "Country Network of PLHIV" shared best practices and experience.